Stress, anxiety or sadness push us to continual nibbling: discover how to overcome this impulse to eat compulsively.

Staying in shape strategies for controlling emotional eatingEmotional eating is that uncontrollable impulse that pushes us to open the fridge or cupboard and continually peck at anything available, with a definite preference for snacks and unhealthy food, without ever feeling sated. In effect, the biggest difficulty in controlling this impulse comes from the fact that it is not hunger that pushes us, but the need to satisfy a negative emotional state by means of food, such as boredom, dissatisfaction, anger or unhappiness.

The root of emotional eating stems from a mix of emotional states and the need to eat: eating becomes such a strong response to emotional discomfort. In some cases the problem can lead to obesity and have roots in a state of depression: if we suspect that we are experiencing dysfunctional eating behavior, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will know how to evaluate the situation and suggest insights and the most appropriate approach.