3 memory techniques for permanently memorising hundreds of pieces of information in little time.

Unless we remember we cannot understandEdward Morgan Forster

A good memory can make the difference in many contexts; at school,  university or work. Whether we want it or not, knowing how to memorise often keeps us out of trouble. How would you feel if you could prepare for an exam in just a few days? Memorise a work report in a handful of minutes? Remember the names of everyone you meet? (and you know how much this counts for interpersonal relationships).


5 Techniques For Staying Focused On Your GoalsOur lives are always full of distractions. Think about it, try to count how many times in one day your work or your leisure time are interrupted by the screen, TV, social networks, SMS, Whatsapp messages … Faced with our freelance commitments with deadlines looming, these deviations, distractions and time losses have a big negative impact on our actual ability to concentrate.

If all this leaves us with a lack of sleep, or a decrease in interest, staying focused on your ultimate goal can be very difficult. Fortunately for us, there are some simple techniques that can come to the rescue, small lifestyle changes that can make concentrating more easily achievable.

Five ways to have fun and keep your most important muscle in shape: your brain.

The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use.George A. Dorsey.

University exams, job interviews, personal projects: in all these contexts, a trained brain is a critical factor of success. Logic, calculation skills, memory and attention are not innate gifts, but skills that you can develop with the correct training.

Here are five resources for training your brain, while having fun:


Let-your-brain-perform-better-realistic-methods-to-think-like-a-geniusThere are many ways to get the most out of our brain. You can improve your memory, increase your focus and concentration, enhance your creativity, strengthening your logical thinking. This can be done by young people, when brain capabilities are being developed through the creation of new connections between neurons, but it is a realistic goal even for those who are already adults.

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How To Remember ThingsUndeniably, the ageing process which every individual is subjected to implies a weakening of memory functions, so that many experience having difficulty in remembering names, places and things. This is a natural path and must be accepted with serenity. On the other hand young people and adults should have a memory that operates in an optimal manner.