Five lessons for learning to reach your goals, ignoring the unexpected.

Chance never helps those who do not help themselves.Sophocles

Causality and determinism or, how to reach your goals… regardless of bad luckCausality means the circumstance in which someone finds him/herself powerless to foresee the occurrence or development of a phenomenon or event. To put it more simply: bad luck.

Determinism is the philosophical doctrine according to which everything that exists or happens (an event), comprised of human knowledge and actions, is determined in caUSal (not caSUal!) ways by an uninterrupted chain of events that have happened before. Basically: cause and effect.

Five lessons for learning to be a true leader (of yourself and others), inspired by famous dialog from “The Godfather” saga.

“True leaders are ordinary people, with extraordinary determination.”
– Anonymous

What does it really mean to be a leader? What are the essential characteristics and how can Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” teach you about leadership?

The 5 Secrets To Success of unforgettable sports agent Dicky Fox, from “Jerry Maguire”.

8 rules to live a life out of the ordinary inspired by the famous quotes of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), in the movie Fight Club.

tyler-durdens 8 rules of innovation

Anyone who watched fight Club would probably put the film as one of the top 10 personal favourite films of all time. what captivated me of Fight Club is

a question, a question that dominates the entire film: “do you want to be the spectator of your life or the director?”

So here are Tyler Durden’s 8 Rules of Innovation

Tyler’s First Rule of Innovation:

“No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”

Time Management: 10 ideas to stop wasting time and learn how to free up precious minutes to do what you love.

10 ways to take back your timeIn this world nothing is said to be certain except death, taxes and … the passage of time.

With time management we could divide people into 2 categories:

  • Those that continually chase 100 commitments and arrive at the end of the day having made little or nothing;
  • Those that realize more than the others and even manage to save time to do what they love most in their lives.

3 habits you can learn to manage your money more effectively and to save more.

Saving is an attitude, and to learn how to save you have to establish good habits.

Below i have listed 3 habits to start.

6 effective strategies to make the life of every day a little ‘less complicated.

6 ways to make your life easierHave you ever felt the urge or need to make your life easier? In this article I will ouline 6 effective strategies to make your life a little ‘less complicated.

My advice is to choose and try one or two of these strategies for at least 7 days, do not try them all at once as too much change quickly can become frustrating.


to do listLearn to do one thing at a time to be more productive and less stressed. You will also find this to be a practical solution for you.

Ever had on of those days when the amount of work or task you need to do never end? Deadlines and requests arriving one after the other, and everyone want a slice of your time?


effectiveness computerDefinition of effectiveness: Learn how to do the right things, with the best strategies, and the right amount of resources.

The term “effectiveness” comes from the Latin verb “efficiere”. This term indicates the action of doing and creating.

It is defined effective, an act that manages to produce its effect, and that it has the strength and power to achieve a given effect.