Secrets To Attracting And Keeping MenOnce you are beautiful and you have poise and good body carriage you will definitely attract a man. Attracting a man has never been difficult for ladies. Keeping him is the problem. Unfortunately, ladies quickly blame it on men without accepting that the foundation for the breakup was laid right from the beginning by them.

For instance, what will you do when you catch him cheating? It is a big mistake to breakup. You are playing into the hands of the other woman when you do that. This is not to say it is right for guys to cheat but it is also wrong for you to breakup immediately. You can get angry, throw tantrums but if he is truly sorry, forgive him.


how-to-win-a-man-9-surefire-tacticsHow to win a man? This might mean two things, either adopt the strategy of being natural and simply yourself in the hope that this is enough to make him fall at your feet or, alternatively, adopt a series of tactics that could help you win the man you want.

The first strategy is certainly more fatalistic and passive, you simply leave it to fate and destiny to decide whether prey and hunter will be together at the end. The second strategy is more active and combative, you use all the techniques and tactics to be triumphant and get what you want. If you select the latter there are some tactics that can be truly effective. So here are 10 tips to win a man.