The Secret has been an undisputed literary success selling millions of copies worldwide.

The secret discussed in the book is the law of attraction. This principle states that your thoughts become reality, namely that you are able to attract what you think about. If you focus enough on the desire to become rich, you will attract wealth. Not bad right ?! It is not my intention to discuss in detail the Law of Attraction. In this article I just want to explain why I think The Secret could prove extremely useful for achieving your goals.

Do you want to learn how to speedread? To do so you need to stop doing the 3 things listed below.

Speed reading - 3 bad habits that slows you downReports, textbooks, newspapers, websites, blogs: every day, at work and in our private lives we need to process an enormous amount of written information. Using speed reading techniques means saving time, assimilating a larger number of concepts and using our skills for activities with higher added value like the development and practical application of what we read.