Happiness is not a utopia, but an emotion that we can live every day, applying methods that have been scientifically demonstrated to be effective.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.Wayne Dyer

Six scientific ways to find true happinessFor decades, the gurus of personal growth have promised to reveal the formula for happiness. But in the last few years, as well as books, both more and less serious, about the techniques and strategies for being happy, we also have scientific studies. If The University of Pennsylvania has established a degree course on happiness, The University of Edinburgh has gone further: the scholars A. Weiss and T. C. Bates, in their treatise “Happiness Is a Personal(ity) Thing”, have identified the factors that determine our happiness.

A short story and three practical applications for learning to put the important things in life first.

The Mayonnaise JarA teacher stood in front of his philosophy class and with some objects in front of him. When the class had quietened down, he took a large empty mayonnaise jar and began to fill it with golf balls.

Then he asked the students if the jar was full and they replied that it was.

The teacher then took a jar of gravel and upturned its contents into the mayonnaise jar. He shook it slowly and the little stones positioned themselves in the empty spaces between the golf balls.


Life is choices. We make some good ones, and we make some bad ones. But that is life. We all want to be happy and some people always are happy. What do they do to achieve that happiness?

How To Be Happy With Your LifeMake a Choice To Be Happy

A choice of being happy can very often be a difficult choice. When we have those unhappy circumstances, we often will look to other people or events to assign blame. We can ignore these instigators and engage in choosing to be happy. It is not always easy. But with discipline and selection, you will find many happy days where you are playing a part in your own destiny. It is up to you to find that path and it doesn’t matter what is occurring in your immediate world. Your happiness level is yours and nothing can rob you of that.

 Setting a daily goal to reach can help you feel good. So how can you start?

From the results of a study conducted at The University of Hertfordshire, it emerges that 78% of people give up on achieving their New Year’s resolutions. One of the reasons for this is resolutions that are too vague or generic, such as a diet or change of job, more likely to defeat than help. An authentic change is done with small goals; here is how to start.


A short dialog from a ’90s comedy with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance can teach us one of the most important lessons in life.


Pearls of wisdom about personal growth found in the Hagakure – the secret book of the Samurai, Yamamoto Tsunetomo.

A saying dating back to the daimyo Katsushige teaches:

“If you fall seven times, get back up eight times.”Hagakure (1, 144)

If you don’t not have faith in yourself, no one else will.

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.M. Maltz.

16 Ways To Build Your Self EsteemYou can have all the tools to achieve your goals, but if you do not believe in yourself you will fail.

If you have low self esteem all efforts will be useless.

Confidence in yourself, so called self-esteem, is the ground on which you build the castle of your success. If this soil is frail, flimsy and muddy, your “castle” will come down with the first rain.

But there is good news, people are born with self esteem but it is actually one of many mental qualities that we can build, strengthen and enhance, simply by applying the right strategies. Listed below are 16 strategies to improve self esteem.

Learn how 3 minute actions can change your mood and revolutionize your day.

There’s as much risk in doing nothing as in doing something.Trammell Crow.

Want to change your mood Learn the 3 minute techniqueDid you ever receive good news, an unexpected compliment or a lucky break and your mood changed almost instantly?

This should prove to you that certain moods such as boredom, lack of motivation and sadness, which we believe must necessarily dictate our days, are actually much more transient and can be literally swept away with a broom.

Small immediate actions to be happy

How to be happy with 3 simple actions

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”
Victor Hugo

I believe that the pursuit of happiness is a long journey, made of big choices in life, but also of small daily conquests.

Personally I am still in search of happiness, but in the course of my life I learned to recognize some simple gestures that immediately transformed my mood, giving me a sense of lightness, determination, invincibility, euphoria, or in other words happiness.

Hands up who has never hummed “Do not worry, be happy”, the famous song written by Bobby McFerrin in 1988! A song that is still played frequently in radios around the world because it represents a celebration of everyday happiness, a natural antidote to stress that characterizes our busy and caotic lives.