Debunking Five Myths of the Perfect Relationship

A perfect relationship can be judged only by living it: if your best friend is involved in a relationship that seems to function like an advertisement, it is not necessarily really like that. If it seems to you that your sister is linked with a man who makes her life a hell on earth, it does not mean that that is her experience.

Every relationship, to stay strong, must stand on mutual respect, on shared values and on a healthy desire to stay together. Despite this, there are also infinite variables according to individual couples and a series of false myths that must be debunked. Let’s look at five of them.

1.    In a perfect relationship, you never argue.

Nothing is more untrue. A healthy couple is a couple in which the partners maintain independence of thinking and feeling: you cannot be in agreement on everything. You discuss and clarify; you argue and make peace. What is important is never to surrender to aggression or violence.