Creative And On-Trend Hobbies For Combating Stress

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Finding the ideal pastime for your personality

Creative and on-trend hobbies for combating stressTake a pause and dedicate yourself to an enjoyable and relaxing activity, forget every thought and also have the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and useful: the satisfaction of certain simple activities open to all and that are also very on-trend. Creative hobbies are widespread and practiced with intense satisfaction by an ever-growing number of people. Here are some to try on the basis of your personality.

Are you patient and introspective? Choose coloring. It is a little complicated to define such a simple activity, namely coloring the designs in special albums, available in almost all bookshops, with crayons, pencils or other techniques. As demonstrated in much research, coloring relaxes the mind and stimulates a good mood, so much so that Art Therapy is a recognized discipline for combating anxiety and stress. The only skills necessary are a little precision and patience: coloring liberates the imagination and the sensation of being a child again.

Do you have a practical spirit and love useful things? Try knitting. Work on relaxing and fun projects: this enables you to create a unique and stylish piece, to wear with pride or to give to a loved one. If you do not know where to start, you can take advantage of an online community, for example We Are Knitters, which also offers a complete kit with everything necessary to knit happily. There are also numerous tutorials available on the Web, or else you could go to a knitting bar, where groups of enthusiasts meet periodically to work together, perhaps under the guidance of an expert. Begin with the most simple items, such as a scarf or a small blanket, then you can try your hand at sweaters, jackets and others. A relaxing effect is guaranteed: as demonstrated for example by studies at The University of British Columbia, which showed that knitting helps people affected by digestive disorders, and The University of Cardiff, which showed that the soothing effects of knitting lead to better levels of cognitive function.

Do you like to share? Experiment with creative cooking. It is one thing to make something to eat every day for your family; it is another to make food preparation a really creative act through which to experiment, invent, innovate. You do not need professional equipment or expensive ingredients: a little imagination is enough to invent a new sauce, or create decorated desserts according to cake design guidelines. Also in this case, you will find on the Web a huge variety of video lessons, blogs and specialized sites that demonstrate and explain everything there is to know for achieving good results. And what is great is that, at the end, the results of your work can be put on the table, for a moment of joyful conviviality and collective satisfaction.

If you like to move around, gardening is the hobby for you – you do not need to have a lot of space available: some vases or plants in the living room or on the balcony are enough to create a green corner that can give you much satisfaction. Take advice from shops or nurseries about which species are best adapted to the microclimate of your home and which are most adapted to purify the air, working against domestic pollution. And if you discover that you have green fingers, you can partake of a little vegetable garden on your balcony.

If you like to socialize, discover music. Perhaps you have never thought of it, but singing in a choir can be a source of great enjoyment and considerable well-being. It has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies that singing, as well as having a positive influence on mood, helps to reduce and normalize blood pressure. If you fear being out of tune, remember that a short introductory course is all you need to learn to control and use your voice. Playing music with other people is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and share passions and interests.