A Daily Goal – Small Steps To Finding Happiness

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 Setting a daily goal to reach can help you feel good. So how can you start?

From the results of a study conducted at The University of Hertfordshire, it emerges that 78% of people give up on achieving their New Year’s resolutions. One of the reasons for this is resolutions that are too vague or generic, such as a diet or change of job, more likely to defeat than help. An authentic change is done with small goals; here is how to start.

A daily goal small steps to finding happiness

LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS – Losing twenty pounds, promising yourself to start doing sport or change your life is not so simple. Once the initial enthusiasm has faded, it is easy to fall back into normal habits, so it can be helpful to reduce goals and think of desires that are really in agreement with our hearts. You want to lose weight? Clear your mind; often the numbers cause anxiety and increase frustration. Think of all the situations in which you feel in shape. From a walk on a good morning to repainting the walls or other DIY, there are a multitude of situations in which we burn energy.

FEED YOUR INSPIRATION – So many colors and cut-outs telling the story of yourself and cultivating enthusiasm: according to experts, keeping a scrapbook is therapeutic, helping with mental clarity and stimulating commitment. Seeing the progress made month after month will be invigorating. Give 15 minutes of time every day for browsing the newspaper or websites of interest. Reading enables you to find new connections and fuels your interests. No to gossip and people who complain; use the web for cultivating rapport and positive friendships.

THINK OF YOURSELF – How much time in a day do you dedicate to what you love? The true challenge is managing to find brief moments in which to break the routine. You can learn this with mindfulness meditation. Here is an exercise to repeat in any moment: stop! What do you feel? Listen to your deep sensations, breathe, free your mind, following the rhythm of your heart. When you are in the city, or in a meeting with colleagues, waiting for your children outside school: in any context you can decide to create a vacuum and give space to yourself, to what you feel. It will help you avoid anxiety.

GIVE VALUE TO TIME – There are always more hours to spend on the Internet. Use your awareness and begin to choose things that really interest you. Traps that rob time from the day are everywhere, from online games to chat. Create good habits that manage to bring a smile to your day and a way of living more intensely. The value of sincere friendships, the flavor of a coffee enjoyed with calm, half an hour just for yourself, a walk in the open air: happiness is made in everyday moments.