Secrets To Attracting And Keeping Men

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Secrets To Attracting And Keeping MenOnce you are beautiful and you have poise and good body carriage you will definitely attract a man. Attracting a man has never been difficult for ladies. Keeping him is the problem. Unfortunately, ladies quickly blame it on men without accepting that the foundation for the breakup was laid right from the beginning by them.

For instance, what will you do when you catch him cheating? It is a big mistake to breakup. You are playing into the hands of the other woman when you do that. This is not to say it is right for guys to cheat but it is also wrong for you to breakup immediately. You can get angry, throw tantrums but if he is truly sorry, forgive him.

What exactly do you want in him?

This is where a lot of ladies start on the wrong foot. The place where you usually meet your boyfriend determines the kind of person he is. 70 percent of guys who go to nightclubs frequently cannot be in one relationship for long. You want to a long term relationship that will lead marriage and you think a nightclub is a good place? You are dead wrong. It is okay if you want is a short term relationship.

You attracted a guy by exposing your laps, hips and even boobs and you had an accident that gave you a permanent scar and you are wondering why he dumped you? Exposing your body will only attract lust and not love.

Your choice of boyfriend should be determined by what you actually want in the relationship. This article assumes that you intend to catch a man and keep him for marriage and then raise a family with him. Go for a serious minded man, who has a plan for his future not a party-going, hot, ladies’ man without any idea of future ambition. A date with either type of men is enough for you to identify each of them.

Approach him if he does not come first

Secrets To Attracting MenIf you see a serious minded man that catches your fancy, there is nothing wrong in approaching him yourself. It is not written anywhere that only men must approach women. Some ladies are of the opinion that you will be cheapening yourself when you do that. It is not true. Think of it this way, you approached a guy that you like and you have also turned down the advances from several other men. Are you really cheap?

In reality, the man may initially see you as being cheap. But while dating each other, different men will definitely ask you out on several occasions at different locations. In fact, more handsome and richer guys will ask you out too. But when you turn down all of them because you are already in a relationship, you will begin to earn the respect from your man. Approaching him is better than using subtle means to seek his attention. Another lady could approach him first

Be tolerant

Nobody is perfect and you will definitely disagree to agree. But you don’t have to complain about every mistake. You are his girlfriend and not his teacher. Nothing tires a man out like constant nagging. Learn to overlook some issues. Even the few ones you choose to talk about, make them brief and don’t appear confrontational. This is one of what men want from their woman. How will you feel when your man complains too much?

Be irresistible

Women often forget that the competition for their man does not end especially if he is handsome and rich. So you have to always “dress to kill”. You have an advantage over the other ladies. You already know exactly the kind of dressing and carriage that turns him on. Other ladies will only take a general approach. You have to match up to other ladies seeking his attention. What you can’t tolerate from him will be tolerated by several other women even though it may be temporary.

Assume that he is trustworthy

Although it is difficult to trust a guy you have just started dating. But learn to believe whatever he tells you. Don’t always jump to the conclusion that he is cheating on you. Apart from that, don’t appear to be monitoring him all around. This is one of the reasons why men withdraw from a relationship very early. Learn to trust him in words and deed.

Ask for his assessment of you once in a while

It works wonders to ask your man to assess you once in a while. Tell him that you want to know in which areas you are doing well and the areas where you need to improve. The fact that you are making so much effort to please him will make him love you much more. However, there is a little caveat to this. You need to work on his assessment. Why else would you ask for an assessment when you don’t intend to work on it? You need to make efforts towards improving in the areas he scored you low. In fact, it may boomerang if he doesn’t see your efforts. He will likely think you were mocking him. And he may not respond when next you ask for his assessment.

When things go wrong, take responsibilities and don’t trade blames

Secrets To Keeping MenTrading blames will make your man point out your faults too and it will end in quarrels. But when you take responsibilities, he will switch to the mode too. Take this scenario, when you forget a glass cup on the edge of the table and your boyfriend mistakenly hits it and it dropped and broke. Instead of blaming him for hitting the cup, take responsibility for leaving it at the edge. He will also take responsibility for hitting the cup. This is why understanding a man his very important.

Work on your sexual performance

A guy might love you and still cheat on you. Ladies usually mix these two up. May be he loves you but you are not doing enough to meet his sexual appetite. So, you need to work on giving him a mind-blowing sexual satisfaction all the time. Make it difficult for any lady to entice him with superior sexual performance. Since men are naturally adventurous with sex, try to explore different sexual positions. Placing restrictions or avoiding certain sexual activities only makes sex with you boring. And what do you think will happen when he meets a lady who is ready to give it all?

In conclusion, to sum it all up, treat your man like there is a lady out there who is working towards your breakup so that she can take your position in his life.