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34 Professional Photoshop Tutorials For The Price Of A Camera Strap

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If you are interested in doing graphics, editing photos, and doing videos, then these tutorials are for you. Photo Editing needs a lot of patience and skills before you can perfectly make a good creation. You can take a lot of photos anytime, anywhere but you can’t make all images look amazingly beautiful. There are cameras that can automatically do it, but if you can edit it yourself it will be more valuable.

There are some techniques that you need to learn to get the result that you want. Once you master those steps, then you will truly appreciate the effort of learning those. Videos from “33 Professional Photoshop Tutorials” will let you enjoy your artistic side and assist you on how to use it properly.


In editing a photo, you can make it more creative and look artistic. With the help of video tutorials from “33 Professional Photoshop Tutorials,” you can definitely achieve the art that you want. With the help of these tutorials, you can learn how to use various tools in editing photos. Photomanipulation, retouching, and color grading are only some of the steps that you will learn.

33 Professional Photoshop Tutorials has detailed steps in achieving various image editing. Creating your own caricature will be as easy as you can imagine.


33 Professional Photoshop Tutorials has a lot of video tutorials that focuses on different areas.

Transforming Photos of Real People in Caricature

This video will help you how to photomanipulate, retouch, and color grade the images. It has 89 detailed steps that you need to follow in order to achieve a great art. You need to start with a sketch of what kind of result you want to get. All the instructions are in good texts together with the images.

Adding Depth and Character to a Face

This 130-minute video tutorial will help you transform natural photos into amazing character. In this Photoshop tutorial, you can see how the image enhances its features and turn it into cartoonish looks.

Creating Fantasy Portrait

This is a 50 minute video tutorial that focuses more on editing the skin, color grading, lighting, and background. You can use this tutorial to create an out of this world image from the natural ones.

Changing the Light in a Photo

If you like your photo to be recognized easily, watching this 140-minute video tutorial can help you. It can create a much darker or brighter background, with smoky effect. You will look like you have a special power and a certain energy comes from you, and you can see the lightning in your background

Transforming the Look and Mood of a Photo

By using gradients, you can easily transform a photo. This 150-minute video tutorial can make your casual portrait into something elegant. You can easily know the mood of the picture by using a variety of gradients with color grading techniques.

Creating a Surreal Looking

This 3-hour video tutorial will let you discover how to make your imagination go further. Using advanced retouching techniques, you can add light effects and color grade the scene.

Turning Your Photos into High Impact Magazine Ads

A 55-minute video tutorial that can use advanced color grading techniques that can transform a photo and make it fit for a magazine ad. If you want to create high quality black and white photos, you can watch this and learn.

Creating a Video Game Look

This 2-hour + Video Tutorial can transform a photo into a video game character. This video will teach you how to create an artistic look for any portraits.

Creating Impactful Portraits

It is a 105-minute video tutorial that can help you how to do color grading and photomanipulations to get anybody’s attention.

Creating a Disney-Looking Character

If you want to experience how to be a Disney prince or princess even in just a picture, you can watch this 87- minute video tutorial. This can make your photo look surreal and cool.

Styling Black and White Portrait

This 40-minute video tutorial can show you how to create a black and white portrait and make it promotional. Black and white photos look very classy and elegant, so try this and make it easy for you.

Adding an Enchanted Atmosphere to your Photo

This 2-hour video tutorial can make a simple photo appear like you are in fairytale-like scenes and can change the photos background.

Creating Breathtaking Images

You will learn here more about color grading and photomanipulation. This site is created by Ipoenk Graphic, a photographer, and exceptional artist.

Creating a Fantasy Environment with Photomanipulation

Rivo Reano had created this tutorial for the members of LearnPhotoEditing.net. You can learn a high level color grading and photomanipulation.

Turning a Daytime Scene Into a Night Scene

This 115-minute video tutorial can accentuate details and elements to add more spices on its effect.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This 33 Professional Photoshop Tutorials will help you improve your artistic talents. It will add more spices to your skills with the help of video tutorials that shows different tasks. Once you know how to that, you can have your own business editing photos. On the other hand, this might be not as easy but you will see on the end that you will learn from it.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

You should get it because it is offered for the limited price and it will truly help you love art and discover how you can make things differently.


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