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“Former Dental Nurse breaks ranks to reveal the frightening truth about teeth whitening products”

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Teeth Whitening 4 You: The brilliant smile you always wanted

Are you insecure about your smile because of stubborn and unsightly stains on your teeth? Look no further! Teeth Whitening 4 You is a promise for a safe and proven solution to this rather embarrassing and serious problem. This problem exists in people who consume excess of anything that include caffeine, sugar, colas, cigarettes, red wine, antibiotics etc. The acidic, tannin, tar and general enamel eroding substances in them cause the enamel to gather protein pellicles or unsightly stains that are otherwise not treatable by brushing with regular tooth paste. Thus, often one has to rely on dentists or OTC Do It Yourself kits that use significant amount of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to do away with the stains.

Why opt for Teeth Whitening4 You?

First, one has to explore the pitfalls of the common solutions of tooth discoloration. This comprises of the following:

  • Bleaching agents alters actual tooth color
  • Over the time there is the tendency to develop oral mucosa or irritation of soft tissues around teeth and sensitivity of teeth in general. This is acknowledged by the American Dental Association
  • There are actual reports of DIY tooth whitening kits containing high quantities of peroxide beyond the mark prescribed by the FDA
  • Consumption and regular ingestion (as any oral application is bound to be ingested through saliva) of high levels of peroxide can result in stomach upset, cramps and in the long term can result in burning of esophagus tissues or mucous membranes that can be fatal in the long run.

So, having clearly read about the scientific and otherwise understated facts of tooth discoloration solution, the safest bet for those with the trouble, should be Teeth Whitening 4 You. There are a significant number of reasons as to why:

First, this is not any one week, one application mode of solution. This product, being a result of efforts of intensive research, applies a multi-pronged approach to your teeth whitening efforts. This includes three secret home remedies, in order to prevent tooth discoloration; six tested and natural treatments helping to get whiter teeth in weeks; a schedule to be followed once in three months for seven days and finally herbal remedies that will help fight tooth discoloration.

Second, this is an incredibly economical solution both for people tied up with a strict purse string yet looking to get rid of this rather practical problem, as well as for ones who are tired or skeptical for all good reasons of common teeth whitening solutions. The entire package comes at an incredible price of only $37.

Third, this product is a regime and not just another product off the shelves. Natural ingredients and healthy practices are the unique selling features of this product. Thus, at low cost you take absolutely zero risk of toying with your teeth. Since it also speaks of kitchen ingredient, you can be certain of obtaining it from your local grocery store at too low a price than that DIY kit.

Fourth, you simply do not need to fret over your health insurance, co-pays and premiums. Your appointment with a dentist for tooth whitening would have set you back anywhere between $1000 and $3000 for a single session that too at an uncertain factor of credibility. Here, you don’t worry about pay outs but only care for sticking to a healthy approach.

Fifth, for limited time this kit is coming to you with several add-ons that too absolutely free! A book on dental care and hygiene that would ensure you save the results obtained out of this treatment, information to tackle bad breath that results both from heavy discoloration due to accumulated protein pellicle (stain on enamel) as well as from any other oral or internal issue you might be having. Along with all this, one also gets the access to lifetime update on this product in future so that existing loyalists do not miss out or need to shell out further for any upgrading of information. Lastly, one also gets the chance of personal customer support through emails for any queries regarding the product or tooth whitening in general.

Finally, all this from the comfort of your home or office. You just need a smart phone/laptop/tablet and reliable internet connection. This entire product comes online that saves you further time and money and energy to make an appointment or visit to the local store. In addition, the guarantee of 60 day money back, in case someone is not getting the desired result.

Final verdict:

Remain safe and bring back the confidence you lost while clicking that perfect selfie and could not smile for your tanned teeth, all with Teeth Whitening4 You. This is the only product in the market that comes cheap, risk free and scientifically backed.


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