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“A complete Evidence-Based and Data-Driven system to break free from Addition Long-Term”

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So, you have always wanted to get rid of that urge to smoke every time you feel giddy for that impending deadline or matters stressful? Or, you know your dear friend or younger sibling grappling with the issue of drugs or alcohol and has been ruining their lives ever since? Or your spouses who binge eat every time they are upset taking their weight to levels where even weighing scale has failed?! If you have answered yes to any of these, then we have the safest solution to your need to eradicate addiction from the root.

What is this and how is it different?

Truth of Addiction is Robert A Scott’s legitimate scientific effort to get into the root of anything that is addictive and has been exerting a control over your life to the point of controlling your life. His method and Truth of Addiction kit will deliver you the most sustainable results for your problem of addiction.

This product is completely different from the other general methods of addiction rehabilitation in the way that it is neither a forced rehabilitation method nor does it risk starting from ground zero in case someone has a relapse of addictions.

How does it really work?!

Robert A Scott targets the thoughts which he calls ‘intrusive thoughts’ that is responsible for any kind of addictive craving whether food, tobacco, drugs or guilty pleasures such as pornography. He explains with scientific studies that the part of the brain involved with the limbic function which is an often unreasonable part of the brain that is responsible for any addictive behavior.

This part, as opposed to the prefrontal cortex of brain dealing with higher mental faculties, deals with pleasure seeking and pain-negating mechanisms of the human body. This is the reward systems part that releases feel good hormones. When combined with the understanding that brain is a malleable object that can be molded and remapped, with a vast network of neuron activities that create thought patterns, one can find out that any over stimulation of the limbic function will automatically alter the thought pattern of the brain.

The reason people with addiction find it so difficult to fight with their cravings that would give them a feel good factor is because their brain functioning has been tampered with. Conventional rehabilitation programs do not target this aspect. They only deal with drugs, denial treatment mode that alters brain’s chemistry, but does not interrupt or interact with neural pathways. This makes them dependant of medications or even worse cause frequent relapse.

Truth of Addiction traces back to these controlling thoughts and conceives the best way to tackle it. They have shown through studies that in a group of mice, those who were given certain daily nutrients and then presented with choice of alcohol and water, chose water over alcohol. On the contrary, the group of mice, not given the same nutrients chose alcohol over water and altered their behavior back to choosing water once ingested with the nutrients.

This same study, when extended to the human body produced similar results, and thus, it could safely be inferred that presence of essential nutrients made a significant difference in dealing with addictions. This because the nutrients alter chemical composition in blood which, in turn, affect the way brain function operates.

Reasons for choosing this:

The reasons for choosing this can be many. Some of which can be:

  • This targets the root cause of addiction and thoughts that propagate them. All this with complete biological validation
  • This is not any medication but points out the nutrients that will restore the neurotransmitters responsible for altering thought patterns
  • This comes as a package at an unbelievably low cost
  • This is not any magic product but more of a counseling that can be achieved in one’s own sweet time and pleasure
  • It is a holistic approach that would involve all encompassing management of addiction to the point where one does not desire addiction any longer. Thus the impact being long-standing and feasible.

What to expect:

The Truth of Addiction package comes with an audio training program that is downloadable on one’s iPhone and other smart phones, an e-book of training materials, cognitive therapy training audio set, audio training that helps you attain more mindfulness, nutritional information for improved recovery program.

If you are serious about getting control over your addiction and your life, trust only Truth of Addiction package. Easy and reliable, without worrying about the side effects of rehabilitation, this is in fact the most sustainable and economic way to help yourself out and surprise everyone who had branded you weak-willed for being an addict.


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