Subliminal Mp3s

How sublimation message works

Subliminal messages can be considered a new form of hypnosis. A subliminal mp3 is filled with positive affirmations that cannot be heard or “processed” consciously but will gradually influence your subconscious mind to achieve the desired positive change in behaviour, thinking patterns or limiting beliefs.

Although we may think that we are conscious beings, in reality over 90% of our actions and emotions are controlled subconsciously.

Subliminal messages are hence a great way for you to achieve your goal with minimal effort. You can listen to our subliminal mp3s while relaxing, play them in the background while doing your daily activities or chores, or even while you sleep and your mind will slowly be programmed for success.

Subliminal Hypnosis is a great way for you to lose weight, improve motivation and focus, get rid of an addiction or bad habit and much more.