Subliminal Mp3s




What are subliminal messages.

Any messages either visual or auditory which is not perceived by the conscious mind but audible or perceived by the subconscious mind. Literally “subliminal” is defined as “below threshold”. In other words a message of signal which is perceived and affects someones mind without being aware of it.

For example a subliminal message might be a sound which is masked behind other sounds which is not audible by the conscious mind or an image trasmitted so briefly that you are not aware of it.

What are subliminal mp3s

Subliminal mp3s are audios that use techniques to trasmit a positive affirmations to your subconscious mind so to influece it and help you change your behaviours, or habits or self beliefs. Although we may think that we are conscious beings, in reality over 90% of our actions and emotions are controlled subconsciously.

Subliminal mp3s can be considered as a tool to help you achieve goals you are pursuing such as losing weight or eliminating a fear or phobia. However not that they are not a quick fix and although with time they will be influencing your though patterns you still need to put an effort yourself. If you are motivated to achieve your goal a subliminal audio will boost and enhance effortlessly your ability to reach your goals.

Benefits of Subliminal mp3s:

You can use them anywhere and anytime

You can listen to our subliminal mp3s while relaxing, play them in the background while doing your daily activities or chores, or even while you sleep and your mind will slowly be programmed for success. If you are someone that travels a lot, you can still bring your subliminal mp3s anywhere with you and listen to them while on a plane or train etc.

Conscious resistance

Since subliminal messages bypass the conscoius mind, positive changes can be achieved without your pre-existing self beliefs holding you back or getting in the way.

We receive subliminal stimuli continuously without noticing (for example through adverting). By using our subliminal mp3s you can be in control of the information your subconscious receives.


Unlike other from od self help such as ebooks or self-hypnosys, subliminal messages are the easiest and effortlessly product you can use for your selfdevelopment. If you buyu an ebook you need to read it and apply the principles in it. For selfhypnosis you need to lie down or sit for 30/60 minutes a day. With subliminal mp3s the conscious effort is minimum. All you need to do is wear headphones and listen to a song. You dont even need headphones and can even watch tv if using the silent mp3.

They are basically positive affirmations you do not have to repeat.

Why choose our subliminal mp3s

I have purchased subliminal mp3s from other websites before I created my own subliminals and what I found from other subliminals is that I am not sure that the files actually contain the affirmations. That is why I included a track with the affirmations audible so that you can hear what the track actually contains. Plus if you see the picture below this shows comparison of our track with one gotten from another website. As you can see our track has sound at the 18Hz (this sound are the affirmations) while the track I got from another website has nothing. From the picture below it seems that all it has is the background music. subliminal mp3

Other website subliminal mp3

Free Subliminal mp3s

Unlike many websites which only give you a single mp3 track and demands your email for it (and then floud your inbox with spam) we provide a free subliminal mp3 of any of our tracks.
Simply visit any product page and you will be able to download a free 2 minute version of the subliminal (all we ask to unlock the download is a simple like or tweet)